Friday, May 31, 2013

the final push

We are getting near the end of data collection and things have been going well.  We have been diving 3 times a day since May 17.  Fortunately, we have had no major malfunctions of equipment or divers.  I've had a little free flow trouble with one regulator, but I brought a spare.  We once got a line wrapped around the prop, but Russell got that sorted on snorkel.  The waterproof cameras and Russell's (now vintage) Novex security video software have worked perfectly. 

We've seen a porpoise, otters, eagles, osprey, and a wolf, in addition to the usual crabs, corals, slugs, and worms underwater.  I plan to post some video clips next month when I have faster internet. 

We are in town now on our 3-day schedule, and the co-op store opens at 830a.  Then we load up and head back to the site. 

Russell taking notes floating above the video arena.

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